• uhlsport Hyper Flex red und Hyper red Torwarthandschuhe

uhlsport HYPERRED

Fight again. Hang in there once more. Give everything one more time. Make the impossible possible. No matter if it’s to keep the league, win the championship or the cup. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Discover the new HYPERRED special models. Either as SUPERGRIP+ in the HALF NEGATIVE CUT or as FLEX model with our two best performance foams in combination.

Mike Maignan

uhlsport HYPERRED SUPERGRIP+ Torwarthandschuh


Grip: Supergrip+

Cut: Half Negative Cut

Frame: no

Underground: all

Weather: all

uhlsport Hyperflex r


Grip: Supergrip+ & Absolutgrip

Cut: Flex Cut

Frame: no

Underground: all

Weather: all


Win now your own HYPERRED HYPERFLEX glove signed by Odi Vlachodimos.

Unfortunately too late. The competition for the HYPERRED HYPERFLEX is over.

Conditions of participation & privacy policy

uhlsport HYPERRED HYPERFLEX Competition

The organizer of the promotion/game/raffle is uhlsport GmbH:

uhlsport GmbH
Klingenbachstraße 3
72336 Balingen

§2 Facebook/Instagram is not connected to the promotion in any way and is not available as a contact for the promotion.

§3 Participation in the competition is only possible online (internet competition) by filling in and sending the form. All natural persons who have their own email address are eligible to participate.

§4 The promotion is valid in the following period:

  • Thursday, 05/12/2022 3 PM, until Tuesday, 05/17/2022 11:59 PM

§5 The winner will be selected at random from all participants who have completed the form and will be contacted the following Tuesday.

§6 Price:

  • 1x HYPERRED HYPERFLEX glove signed by Odi Vlachodimos

The prize is an exclusive sample product that is not intended for sale by uhlsport GmbH.

§7 By participating in the promotion, the winner agrees to respond to uhlsport’s notification in the event of a win and to share relevant data (address) for shipping.

§8 Once the winner has been announced, the prize will be sent to the winner by post after the necessary data has been determined. The claim to the prize expires after three months if the winner cannot be determined or if the winner does not contact the organizer of the prize draw within three months of the announcement of the prize.

§9 Participants in the competition agree that their e-mail address may be processed by uhlsport GmbH for the purpose of sending them offers and that the data may be used for the purpose of transmitting the prize. This consent can be revoked at any time by contacting uhlsport GmbH, e-mail: info@uhlsport.com.

§10 Cash payment of the prize is not possible and not even partially.

§11 Each participant can only enter the sweepstakes once.

§12 The legal process is excluded. Furthermore, uhlsport GmbH reserves the right to terminate any sweepstakes/raffles if there is an important reason for doing so.

© uhlsport GmbH

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