19 March 2020

Hello uhlsquad,

we hope you, your friends and your families are fine.

Normally you would be training on the pitch this week and on the weekend you would be in goal at a match. You would drive your kids to practice and support them. You would push yourself with your teammates on the pitch and make them desperate with your saves. Due to COVID-19 all this is not possible at the moment.

Now it’s about more than keeping your goal clear. It’s about stopping something much bigger than balls and preserving something much more important: the health of each individual athlete and of society as a whole. We all have a responsibility for this – you as athletes and we as a brand.

As hard as it may be, not being on the pitch, not being in goal, it’s right that you stay at home these days. By doing so, you can make a decisive contribution to slowing down the spread of COVID-19.

Our online shop will continue to be available to you and all deliveries will be sent and delivered within the usual time frames. Our customer service will continue to provide you with tips and information about our product range.

“The road that lies ahead is a long one” says our #uhlsquad clip. Especially now – without training, without matches and without direct contact to your teammates – this path will seem long to all of us. But if everyone conscientiously plays his or her part, we can soon be back on the pitch together and strengthened. Because our clip also says one thing: “Giving up is never an option”.

Stay at home, stay healthy and help each other out.

Your uhlsport team